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Valeria loves capturing the imagination of children with her stories and illustrations. In 20212 she published her first bilingual children's book: How'd they get in there? as an author and illustrator.

In 2022 she published her second book as an illustrator with Luis Vazquez-Bello (as the author). They are currently working on the 2nd book as we speak. 

Around the same time, a 3rd book project is being developed.

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Author & Illustrator: Valeria Rodriguez
Technology is making the world smaller and smaller everyday and it's creating great opportunities for families to experience "closeness" in a whole new dynamic. This generation of kids is reaping that benefit and better able to stay connected to loved ones near and far thanks to blogs, pictures, phone calls, face-time, Skype, easier travel, and who knows what else in the coming years. How'd they get in there? ¿Cómo se metieron ahí?, tries to colorfully capture what is must feel like for be a toddler," surrounded" by loved ones, that he doesn't understand are physically far---But since he keeps them in his little heart, he always FEELS them very close.

Author: Luis Vazquez-Bello

Luis Vazquez-Bello was born and raised by Cuban immigrant parents in Miami, Florida — where he currently resides with his wife and three children. Mr. Vazquez-Bello’s source of inspiration for his writing derives from the two heroes in his life that gave him more than he could have ever dreamt. These heroes were his Mom and Dad. Although no longer here, the goal of his stories is to honor and preserve their legacies. This is the second book published by Mr. Vazquez-Bello; the first was in 2015 titled The Realm, which was created on his love for his father and his passion for the fantasy genre. 

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