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Intention is NOT ENOUGH

I had the pleasure of sketching for Bruce Sullivan at Ocaquatics Swim School in Miami a few weeks ago. He spoke to the parents on how to build happy and resilient children in a safe and happy home.

A few takeaways:

  • Reflect on your relationship with "DIFFERENCE". When things don't go according to plan, how do you react?

  • How are you infusing humor in times of "DIFFERENCE"?

  • Do the right thing with the RIGHT STORY...but remember, the right story is beautifully boring.

  • YOU SAID YES to everything you are doing right now!

  • Reflect on: "What do you want to be remembered for?"

    • We have to 'behavior' our way to the IMPACT we want to have.

    • Change the story if you have to.

Following the parent session, there was a 2 Day Leadership Conference for the Ocaquatics team.

Leadership Session Recap:

In a whirlwind of wit, insight, and humor, Bruce led a captivating session at the leadership conference that left attendees buzzing with inspiration. As his words danced through the air, Bruce immediately engaged the audience with thought-provoking questions: "Who would you rehire?" and "Then who would rehire you?" These questions served as mirrors, reflecting both the character traits individuals value and the traits sought by the organization as a whole.

Bruce emphasized the importance of crafting the right story, even if it seems mundane, as it lays the foundation for success. He shared a poignant anecdote about Mrs. Evans, a neighbor who instilled in him the belief that people pay for solutions, not problems. Her guidance propelled him to launch his first business, underscoring the power of helping others reframe their narratives.

Drawing on personal experiences, Bruce shared the significance of finding solutions rather than excuses and holding team members accountable. He highlighted the emotional toll of retaining underperforming employees, emphasizing the importance of fostering a culture of accountability.

Reflecting on the energy and passion exhibited during first dates and job interviews, Bruce challenged attendees to reclaim that vigor in their daily interactions. He stressed the need for intentionality in aligning behaviors with intentions to cultivate genuine connections.

In an interactive activity, attendees identified their "colors," representing different approaches to life. Bruce encouraged embracing multiple "languages" to enhance communication and understanding.

Overall, Bruce's workshop left a lasting impression, inspiring attendees to embrace accountability, rewrite their narratives, and approach leadership with renewed energy and intentionality. As attendees departed, they eagerly anticipated further insights from Bruce's teachings, eager to #channelMrsEvans, unlock their full potential as leaders, and PUT ON THEIR HAPPY PANTS to approach life from the TOP DRAWER!

DAY 1 Sketch:

Day 2 Sketch:

Always thankful for the opportunity to capture beautiful messages!

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