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Process Matters...

We live in a results-oriented society where the "final products" and "Finished/polished" ideas are shared. But I find so much joy in the unfinished, unpolished, messy parts of the journey. I love seeing images and ideas take shape right before me. Not only in art but in life too, I am also process-driven. The steps of the journey fuel me almost as much as reaching the goal (which can keep me in the process longer at times than I would like, but is what it is).

More than the final images, I love capturing the process.

Here are 3 of my sketches over winter break and their videos of "in the making". Those days were special because after having a few months of feeling creatively blocked...I am finally flowing. I am finally feeling my pen calling me back to my pad...and for that, I am beyond grateful.

I hope that in sharing this, you too will find a reminder to fall in love with the process...whether a drawing, a project, a training journey, a trip planning, a wedding planning, or a life course adjustment.

May the new year bring you all lots of FLOW to all of our processes!

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