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Sketchnoting Basics

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Ever wanted to sketchnote but don't know where to start?

It can be as simple as 1, 2, & 3...

1Find something to WRITE ON:

It can be a napkin, a paper, a notebook, a tablet...

Some of my favorite places to write include large sketchpads with no lines so that I have more than enough space to create and capture ideas.

2Find something to WRITE WITH:It can be a pencil, a pen, markers, sharpies, a stylus, an apple pen...

Some of my favorites for sketchnoting on paper include Tombow pens and PaperMate felt tip Flair Pens. Tombows are dual tip pens that are great for quickly shifting from think to thin lines (for emphasis).

3Find something to WRITE ABOUT:

It can be a presentation, a video, a podcast, an idea, a conversation...

I have now worked up to a speed of sketchnoting that I can listen to LIVE presentations and sketchnote in real time, but I started sketchnoting TedTalks and Lessons. I started with TedTalks because I could pause the speaker. I would listen to the content first (for flow and main ideas). Then I would listen to it a second time with the intent of sketchnoting. I would play a small soundbite and then pause the video. I could take my time sketching it out what I just heard, and then continue listening and pausing(and replaying) as necessary throughout the process. It proved to be great practice and allowed me to really hone in on my listening and visual note-taking skills.

Good luck on your #sketchnotingJourney

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